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Octobre 2017
mt-g insights
Trade fair season 2017
mt-g is on the home straight of the 2017 trade fair season. Why not join us in November for the last two trade fairs in Düsseldorf and Amsterdam?

mt-g visits the medica trade fair every year and 2017 is no exception. From 13-16 November, mt-g will attend the trade fair as a guest - giving mt-g employees the perfect opportunity to strike up conversation with our international business partners and interested parties.

The Partnership in Clinical Trials conference takes place two weeks later in Amsterdam and mt-g will be on-site as a exhibitor. At this conference, which is held on 28 and 29 November, innovations in the field of clinical studies are presented and discussed across multiple events.

As the previous trade fair year of mt-g had been and how many kilometres our brave employees have traveled, you can see in the following infographic:

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