Package Insert 38
Interesting facts and figures for customers and partners of mt-g.
September 2016
It isn’t always easy to keep track of everything these days. Tasks are being consolidated and concentrated: where several people used to handle a variety of tasks, there is often now just a single person, battling on valiantly. He/she has sole responsibility for covering several fields of expertise, accommodating them all at once, and still working as efficiently as possible. Project managers are the masters of multitasking and display the same professionalism when assembling a quotation as when checking a Chinese or Swedish text. They enable even the most difficult project requirements to be met and ensure that every project achieves the desired success.

Our colleagues in the Clinical Studies, Global Regulatory Affairs and Pharmaceutical & Medical Communications teams could tell you a thing or two about this. They not only handle documents from their own field of expertise but also keep their eye on the big picture. Looked at as a unit, the individual teams reflect the large-scale authorisation process that every medicinal product has to go through before it is allowed to be marketed. We support our customers in the pharmaceutical field from the first clinical studies with authorisation-related documentation to publication of marketing brochures or the creation of new websites.

If these and also other projects are successful, companies grow, make further inroads into international fields and soon notice that uniform wording is also needed in the foreign languages. They ensure that their products, services or other commodities have the same names at all times – including abroad. This consistency saves not only money but also time. Not to mention the fact that this use of uniform terminology guarantees that their company stands out from others, creating and safeguarding unique selling points. Our fundamentals article, which at the same time is a taster for the “Terminology” series, shows you how this process looks diagrammatically.

Certifications also call for accuracy and precision. They involve much more than placing a stamp on a document. Did you know, for example, that a higher-level certification (“Überbeglaubigung”) is not a “better” form of certification? Or what the difference is between an apostille and legalisation? We explain precisely these points in this article and also discuss other interesting aspects of this special type of job.

Finally, we would like to introduce our newcomers so far this year. mt-g is continuing to expand its quality assurance service and has taken on three new employees in this field. In future, an American colleague will be responsible for acting as an interface between mt-g and translators. Besides vendor management tasks, he will also cover another area of activity.

So, enjoy another exciting and informative edition! We hope you really enjoy reading the 38th edition of Package Insert!
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