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February 2016
Social commitment
School children work for a good cause – mt-g takes part in the Mitmachen Ehrensache project
Angelika Touniian and Fiona Schaber
In December last year, mt-g participated for the first time in the Mitmachen Ehrensache [Proud to participate] project in the
Alb-Donau region. As part of this campaign, teenagers from the region spend a day working at a company of their choice and donate the pay for the work they do to social projects. At the same time, they make their initial contacts with potential employers and have the opportunity to acquire their first professional experience. The money donated goes to support regional associations, youth centres and other initiatives by and for teenagers.

This is how 12-year-old Fiona Schaber came to spend a day getting a taste of the everyday life of a leading language service provider. On 3 December 2015, the schoolgirl from Robert Bosch grammar school in Langenau joined in with the work of mt-g's marketing department. Her pay for this day's work will benefit a social project from the region.
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Cat : Termine und Veranstaltungen
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