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February 2016
How you as the client can best influence your projects
Would you like the perfect translation? Then take the initiative. The success of a translation project depends not just on having a highly specialist language service provider and professional project management. Even when it comes to relatively small-scale, low-volume projects with only one language combination and straightforward formats, you can still have a profound influence on the outcome of the translation project. The key word here is information: give your translation service provider all the details that are important for the translation. These include, for example, what sub-language you would like, specific customer terminology, reference materials or even specific deadlines that have to be met.
The more complex a translation project, the more information a service provider will need in order for the best translation to be delivered. You can find out what you as the client should bear in mind if you would like not just a translation but also desktop publishing (DTP) of that translation in the article Successful planning of DTP services. Not only does mt-g deliver high-quality medical translations, we also have over 15 years' experience of successfully fulfilling our clients' DTP requirements.
In the medical industry, as in all others, it is becoming increasingly important to market products and services properly across all channels and media. That is why our customers regularly contact us with translation projects relating to marketing texts from the most diverse medical fields. But when exactly is it a marketing translation and when do we talk of transcreation? This distinction will not be immediately apparent to all those involved in a project. This, along with other interesting items are in store for you in our current Package Insert.
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Cat : Termine und Veranstaltungen
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