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June 2016
Company news
Reinforcements in the mt-g team
At the end of last year, mt-g reinforced its team significantly once more so that it would remain ideally equipped to handle your projects in 2016, too.
The Clinical Studies project management team welcomed two newcomers at the same time: Franziska Schuhmacher and Ragna Buchsteiner. Franziska has been supporting the team on a part-time basis in internal quality assurance since May 2015. Born in Ulm, she was finally taken on full-time on 1 October. The conscientiousness she brings to her work and her very good knowledge of German, English and French are of particular help to her in her day-to-day job.
31-year-old Ragna Buchsteiner joined the team on 1 November. In her work as a project manager, she capitalises above all on her strong sense of commitment and her helpfulness. She is looking forward to enjoying a close working relationship with all of the customers, translators and partners of mt-g as well as with her colleagues.
In Erlend Raassum, mt-g has found a truly talented linguist for the Global Regulatory Affairs team. The 27-year-old from Norway was born in Denmark and speaks fluent English, Spanish and Norwegian. He also has a good knowledge of Danish, Swedish, German and French. He has been working at mt-g since 1 November, initially as a project management intern, and once he has completed his internship he will support the GRA team as a project manager.

Franziska Schuhmacher, Ragna Buchsteiner, Alexander Loerke, Hasim Yildirim, Mikhail Evstyugov-Babaev, Erlend Raassum (from left to right)
We also welcomed a new trainee last year. Hasim Yildirim started his training as an office management assistant in October with the MedCom team. Team spirit matters a great deal to him – whether in his work at mt-g or in his spare time on the football pitch.
The Medical Technology team is also pleased to have two new project management colleagues. Moscow-born Mikhail Evstyugov-Babaev is a graduate translator and has previously worked as both a freelance and a staff translator and interpreter. The 32-year-old will be applying his experience particularly to looking after interpreting projects at mt-g.
Alexander Loerke has 18 years of professional experience in the LSP sector on which to draw, including seven in the field of medical translations. As his key skills lie particularly in looking after large-scale projects, he fits especially well in the Medical Technology team. In his spare time, his passions include FC Bayern Munich and American football.
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