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October 2015
Company news
New to the mt-g team
mt-g has expanded its team again. We welcome Stephanie Glatz, Sebastian Langner and Julia Bosch.
From left to right: Stephanie Glatz, Sebastian Langner, Julia Bosch
Stephanie Glatz, 30
born in Halle (Saale), Germany
  • Biologist, did her degree dissertation on virology
  • Joined mt-g on 1 November 2014, Team Leader Global Regulatory Affairs (together with Christoph Buchfelder) since May 2015
  • Responsible for coordinating translation projects as well as for advising and looking after customers
  • Hobby: Spending time in the Emerald Isle or her favourite city, London

Sebastian Langner, 31
born in Ulm, Germany
  • Master of Arts British and American Studies, Bachelor of Arts German and English Studies
  • Dentistry & Dental Technology Team Project Manager since 1 July 2015
  • Responsible for coordinating translation projects and for checking translation quality
  • Speaks English, French and Spanish
  • Hobby: Historical reenactment (recreating specific events from the Middle Ages as authentically as possible)

Julia Bosch, 26
born in Langenau, Germany
  • Office Communication Assistant (apprenticed at mt-g), Bachelor of Science in Health Informatics Management
  • Clinical Studies Team Project Manager since 1 March 2015
  • Responsible for coordinating translation projects
  • Keen understanding of the fields of medicine, health economics and information technology
  • Hobbies: Handball, dancing
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