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October 2015
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Jessica Weigt takes up position of Head of Project Management Pharma
Specialisation requires specialists – deep specialisation requires absolute experts in their field. In the pharmaceutical area, mt-g, with its three different specialist teams – Global Regulatory Affairs (GRA), Clinical Studies and Pharmaceutical & Medical Communication –, is therefore ideally positioned to meet the individual requirements of the pharmaceutical industry. Increasing sales and a growing workforce as well as ever more complex projects demand a high level of project management experience and coordination skills. These are the reasons why Jessica Weigt has been appointed as the new Head of Project Management Pharma.
Jessica Weigt, Head of Project Management Pharma
‘With this step we are underlining the great importance of the pharma side of our business and laying further foundations for the economic success of the three teams,’ explained Andreas Bendig, Managing Director. ‘With Jessica Weigt, we wish to deepen our specialisation even further and continuously increase our efficiency and process reliability.’

Jessica Weigt has been with mt-g since 1 August 2005 and was heavily involved in setting up the specialised teams Global Regulatory Affairs, Clinical Studies and Medical & Pharmaceutical Communication. In her last position, she led the GRA team.

‘Because of my many years of experience, I have knowledge of all three fields of expertise, as I have personally lived through and experienced all the stages of development – from the first two-person team to three highly specialist teams now with 20 employees in total,’ said Jessica Weigt. ‘My goal is to organise the teams for which I am responsible in such a way as to create clear added value for our customers as a result of our working together. The intention is for a three-dimensional service for our customers to evolve from what each individual team has to offer.’

The position of Head of Project Management Pharma means promotion to the management for 32-year-old Jessica Weigt from Ulm. Her future role will include coordinating the work of the three specialist teams, cross-team process control as well as providing team members with professional support and ensuring their further development. In addition, she is the first point of contact for all pharmaceutical industry customers – in the field as well as at trade conferences.
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