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Team Leader Changes Position — Head of Development & Technologies

Sebastian Langner (35) has been working at mt-g since 2015. In April, he changed positions, moving from team leader with a linguistic background to working as Head of Development & Technologies.

Mr Langner, what position did you have when you began at mt-g in January 2015, and where did you go from there?
I started as an intern in the »Dentistry and dental technology« team. Six months later, I became a project manager, and a year after that in mid 2016, I became team leader.

From intern to team leader in one and a half years — how did this development come about so quickly?

The conditions for this have to be right — and, of course, you have to be committed. From the very beginning, I was challenged from many different angles, but I was also given plenty of encouragement. From our CAT tool experts and experienced colleagues to project managers and mt-g management, I was always supported in my work. In the end, you grow with your responsibilities, and I was fortunate enough to be trusted with a great amount of responsibility.

And how do you explain the rise to Head of Development & Technologies for someone with a background in literature studies?

I have an affinity for IT, and as a passionate gamer, I have always had fun optimizing hardware. I ended up teaching myself how to program websites with HTML. Due to my skills and experience, I was included in the development of mt-g's own ERP system, initially as a tester. My work responsibilities kept expanding until I eventually became the link between the developers and the project managers. At some point, management asked me how I pictured the future of my career.

How did you answer?
I said I would like to transition over to technical development full-time. Then, upon my supervisors' request, I created a concept describing my future position.

And was your concept accepted exactly as you had proposed?

Yes, for the most part.

It sure sounds like you are given great opportunity for personal development at mt-g.
During the course of all my different responsibilities, I always got the chance to face new challenges. The motivation gained from these new challenges and having fun learning new things led to wonderful work results. This is how I ended up receiving the managment's offer of creating my next position myself.

What are your new areas of responsibility?

A large part of my new work will entail modifying our ERP system: developing new features and implementing them. In addition, general process optimisation will also be on my agenda, for example, coordinating and synchronizing the work of the individual technical teams. Last but not least, I will be the main point of contact at mt-g for Development and Technologies.

What experiences from your career at mt-g are you able to incorporate into your new position?
Because I was a project manager, I am very familiar with the processes — when it comes to our ERP system, I am well aware of the users' needs. And finally, I also think I will be able to manage balancing what is desired and what is actually achievable.

Mr Langner, thank you very much for this interview.

Unsere Qualitätsstandards sind durch die tiefe Spezialisierung und
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