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Package Insert 32

The 32nd issue of Package Insert has been published with a print run of over 10,000 copies. The mt-g customer magazine provides useful information on the topic "Translations for the medical and pharmaceutical industries". mt-g's Global Regulatory Affairs team is one of the leading specialists in complex European approval procedures in translation management. The latest Package Insert 32 – the mt-g customer magazine– gives a comprehensive report on the efficiency benefits offered to customers by the GRA Team headed by Jessica Weigt. Albert Einstein, the most famous son of the city of Ulm, felt at home on the Danube. Are you interested in a job with mt-g? Then look forward to real quality of life! Get to know the most beautiful sides of Ulm with the Package Insert. If you don't want to wait for the printed version: Package Insert 32 is ready for downloading here.

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Cat: Termine und Veranstaltungen
Cat: Termine und Veranstaltungen
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