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Fake e-mails

Dear Customers, Partners and Vendors, During the last few weeks, we have witnessed a number of fake e-mails being sent out to our customers, partners and vendors. The e-mails look like a payment request isssued by mt-g medical...[more]

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Package Insert 42

The 42st edition of the Package Insert will provide you with insights in the hot topic Brexit and the new Medical Device Regulation. Please click here to read the Insert online.[more]

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Higher Process Reliabilty and Data Security with Across

mt-g medical translation GmbH & Co. KG is specialized in the medical and pharmaceutical industry. The customer portfolio ranges from medical technology and diagnostics to pharmaceutics and drug approval to clinical studies...[more]

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Package Insert 41

The 41st edition of the Package Insert takes a closer look at the subject of linguistics and breaks down its use in the translation industry. Our partner ConSense has also prepared a guest column in which they introduce their...[more]

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Cat: Termine und Veranstaltungen
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