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February 2017
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Internal Quality Assurance Team
With the appointment of three new employees in quality assurance, mt-g is increasing its capacities in this area.

They form an independent team and work together with all departments as required. After comprehensive training in all departments, they are capable of handling the internal quality assurance for the entire specialist and customer spectrum. "In this way, mt-g can ensure that we meet the ever increasing quality and delivery requirements of our customers while continuing to deliver the usual high quality", explains Gerlinde Bendig, Executive Partner of mt-g, who is also responsible for strategic personnel planning within the company.

The team has made a tremendous qualitative contribution to the company and assists the employees in the relevant departments by taking over accruing inspections there. "Through our new personnel planning, we are optimising internal processes without compromising quality", says Samuel Aubin, Quality Manager at mt-g.

The work is distributed more efficiently, which means that the impact of capacity peaks due to very high demand can be counteracted. This commitment ultimately benefits all the employees and enables greater flexibility in the way each team works.
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