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September 2016
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from left to right: Nikolas Vigants, Mariella Morodo, Maria Kosjar, Enisa Sabovic
As our quality standards do not end with delivery of the translation by the translator, we at mt-g undertake additional checking of predetermined quality criteria in-house in order to offer our customers the best possible quality. This is where our colleagues in Internal Quality Assurance, which mt-g has expanded greatly in recent months, come in. We are therefore very pleased to be able to welcome new employees in this area and are glad that they found their way to us.

Born in Memmingen, Enisa Sabovic supports the Global Regulatory Affairs project management team with checking translations. Her flair for languages and keen eye for detail are, of course, welcome here. She enjoys the diversity in her work and likes the international team, with whom she can talk in English, French or even Montenegrin.

The international nature of the company also won over Mariella Morodo: the 24-year-old, with an American, Italian and Cuban background, already has some experience in the medical sector and is a passionate globetrotter with a penchant for the exotic. She is particularly interested in Japan and its (pop) culture and when she is not travelling to visit her family in Florida her favourite destination is the Land of the Rising Sun. When checking documents, she also displays the high level of Japanese accuracy.

It almost goes without saying that travel is one of the favourite occupations of our employees who have a linguistic background. Our new colleague Maria Kosjar is no exception because the quality checker, who grew up speaking German and Russian, loves travelling and would not have any language difficulties in most parts of the world because she is also fluent in English and Spanish.

In addition to Internal Quality Assurance, mt-g has also newly created the area of Vendor Management and Purchasing. Nikolas Vigants is taking on both of these tasks. The father-of-two is not afraid of a challenge and is looking forward to his new range of responsibilities. American-born, he will support his colleagues in qualifying and selecting vendors, with whom he will be able to communicate in English and German.
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