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June 2016
How you as the client can best influence your projects – Part 2
In several of the articles in our previous newsletter, we covered ways in which you as a customer can influence your projects to create the best possible conditions for them to run successfully. We continue this series in this edition and would like to give you a few more tips and tricks about file preparation and offer you the benefit of our wealth of experience.
Particularly those jobs which require desktop publishing involve a large number of specialists from different fields of expertise. So that you know what happens to your documents during this process, our article brings you a list of the tasks and activities that go into implementing such a project.
As you would have been able to tell from the previous Package Insert, translations in the marketing field occupy a special position at mt-g because the requirements that apply to them are different from those applicable to the usual translation work. Besides the technical work involved in preparing the files, there are other specific aspects of this field which we would like to share with you so that you can contribute towards the successful running of your marketing project in advance.
Conveying these specifics will be one of the tasks of our new colleagues who joined us at the end of 2015 to reinforce the project management teams and are already actively supporting us with this work. In addition, we put the spotlight on the Dentistry & Dental Technology team in our team introduction and cover this special field and its particular requirements in more detail.
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