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June 2016
mt-g's fields of expertise
Dentistry and dental technology
Medicine contains many fields of expertise, some very different from each other and some not so different. To enable us to offer our customers exactly the service they need in the relevant field, mt-g has a number of teams, which have familiarised themselves with the technical and customer-specific requirements. In this way, we can ensure that our customers receive the individual advice they need for their project in each discipline. Our Dentistry & Dental Technology team covers exactly such a highly specialist field, in which a diverse range of project types have to meet challenging specifications. Every day, two project managers and one team member in internal quality assurance work with team leader Sebastian Langner to ensure that these projects run successfully and are there to offer our customers advice and assistance.
Dentistry & Dental Technology Team (from left to right): Sabrina Giuca, Diana Becker, Sebastian Langner
Terminology, in-depth specialisation and a wide range of topics
Even before a project gets off the ground, our customers avail themselves of the project managers' advice, particularly with regard to specialist dental terminology. Some dental instruments are called different things by different manufacturers, even though they are the same instrument. Recognising these pitfalls and handling them appropriately is a prerequisite for the subsequent work of our translators. These experts familiarise themselves with customer-specific terminology, are nurtured by us as regular translators and are earmarked long-term for future projects. "This is the only way we can continually ensure the high quality of our translations", says Sebastian Langner. "But the use of CAT tools is also especially important to us, given the different terminology preferences of our customers." CAT tools form the backbone of the team, so that nearly 100% of jobs are processed with these programmes and customer terminology is used consistently. To create the foundations of a terminology database that can be used with CAT tools, our project managers need glossaries, reference documents or lists with set terms in the source and target languages. These documents make it possible for us to create a database that contains only the specific specialist terminology used by the customer. Our translators receive these databases and follow the specified vocabulary when translating.
Particularly given the large number of different document types and subfields of expertise, the termbase acts as a safety net for the translators - our Dentistry & Dental Technology team members handle projects with extremely varied intended purposes and backgrounds every single day. Besides our contacts in our customers' marketing departments who send us flyers, brochures and other marketing-oriented documents, it is particularly the technical editors, who approach us with their SOPs, manuals and instructions for use. These documents come from the most diverse subfields of expertise, such as endodontics, implantology, materials science and prosthetics. Even contacts in departments which do not necessarily have a dental background have documents from their quality management, finance or human resources departments translated by us. We can help here, too, because our pool of translators contains not just our dental translators but also experts from other corporate areas.

If you would like to find out more about our project management team and the dentistry and dental technology field of expertise, visit our website or contact team leader Sebastian Langner personally.

Sebastian Langner
Team Leader Dentistry & Dental Technology
Tel. +49 731 176397-29
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