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June 2017
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mt-g certified for Across Version 6.3
mt-g has been relying on Across, the CAT tool from Across Systems GmbH, for 7 years. This is why mt-g employees are excited about every version change, since a new version usually also means new functions that make day-to-day work easier.

Since Version 6.0, mt-g has been an Across-certified language service provider, thereby demonstrating its acquired abilities concerning the CAT tool. In everyday life, this program expertise offers mt-g the basis for a well-founded customer consultation in order to find the most efficient solution for every translation project.

For the switch to Version 6.3, the CAT tool manufacturer has offered mt-g the possibility to become certified via an online test for the new version, as well. Employees of several specialist teams have passed the test with flying colours, thereby helping mt-g to obtain the new certification. Version 6.3 contains several new features: for example, translation segments can now be filtered according to various criteria, product and brand names as well as character strings can be protected from changes, and new versions of certain file formats can be edited.
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