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November 2016
Interpreting at mt-g
mt-g has been offering associated language services in the translation industry for many years now – we help customers to localise software, develop workflows for DTP projects and coordinate internal approval processes with various departments and national branches of our international customers.
With the number of cross-border collaborations increasing, there is also a growing demand for translators and interpreters, who enable people with different mother tongues to communicate easily with one another. Nowadays, it is difficult to imagine a world without interpreters: Audit queries from Brazil are interpreted almost as frequently as English-language seminars or conferences – in all situations, the information relayed must be factually and linguistically correct. Professional interpreters are masters of such a task.

In order to ensure that such events run smoothly, mt-g only works with trained interpreters who have specialised in their respective fields of expertise. As you would expect, the fact that considerable emphasis is placed on both linguistic and specialist sector qualifications is due to the high requirements of the medical and pharmaceutical industry. However, before the interpreter can get to work, our project management team coordinates all stages of the process and ensures that no eventuality has been overlooked with these projects. In consultation with our customers, the project management team draws up an appropriate timeline with working times, organises the journey, forwards any customer reference materials to the interpreter and establishes a direct line of contact between the interpreter and the customer at a certain stage of the process so that both parties can discuss the upcoming event in greater detail.

Because no two interpreting assignments are the same. From interpreting Belorussian GMP authority inspections to Korean process and product audits right through to tours with site tour interpreting in production halls and a subsequent evening meal with liaison interpreting, there is a very diverse range of potential assignment areas and assignment types. We provide our customers with detailed advice and explain which interpreting services are the most sensible choice for the required assignment. It does not always have to be simultaneous interpreting – liaison or consecutive interpreting, or a different type of interpreting that does not require technical equipment, is often sufficient.

If you require any interpreting services, please do not hesitate to contact us. Our project management team will provide you with detailed advice and discuss the best way to proceed with you. We offer our interpreting services on both a domestic and an international scale – if the event is being held abroad, we will find the most appropriate and most efficient solution for you. >>

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